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Help Your Clients End Their Self-Sabotage

A 21-day online course with tools to change the underlying habits that hold your clients back.
Become the sought after coach with a reputation for changing lives.

Make Lasting Change | Get Clients Amazing Results | Grow Your Coaching Career

How Can Your Coaching Stand Out?

Do you lose clients because they can’t implement your advice and plateau?
Tired of watching clients drive themselves to injuries or burnout?

Your coaching will thrive when you help clients overcome the blocks that keep them from getting the results they want. The problem is deeper than knowing the right thing to do.

Help your clients discover how to overcome their blocks and you’ll create a lifelong, loyal fan.


“Enlifted has given me the tools to connect with my athletes on a deeper level where true progress is being made. They are more connected with themselves and more in control of their successes.”
Chelsea Dillon

Programming &
Muscle Building
Have Become Commodities


Great info is out there. Effective programming is available.
Even globo gyms have bumper plates. You can be more.
You can move the whole industry forward.
The limiting factor is the client's ability to stick with positive change.
It’s the internal conditions that allow someone to thrive or self-sabotage.
End the sabotage to build the gym of the future.

How to Get Started


1. Click Start Now

You’ll get access immediately to begin the course.

2. Engage with Each of the 21 Lessons

Watch one video each day and put the lessons into practice in your own life. Using the lessons in your own life will allow you to guide your clients to do the same.

3. Enjoy the Process of Being Sustainably Fit and Strong

The self-sabotage will begin to fade away as you and your clients remove what used to make good habits feel like a fight.


Seek & Destroy Self-Sabotage


Clients start training with a bang and then find ways to sabotage their progress. Instead of eating, recovering, and training well, they feel like these are obligations and give up, leaving a healthy, strong life behind. They could have been a great long-term client getting awesome results. They could have been an asset to your business. Now you have to find a new client and start the process over again.

You need tools that help your clients seek and destroy their self-sabotage. The best clients for your career are clients that you’ve helped transform from the inside out

Enlifted started because we were those athletes that couldn’t help but sabotage ourselves and it took years to overcome. We’ve created tools that will make your career better. Your clients will address what used to hold them back and your community will thrive.

Imagine clients who are making the kind of improvements in a few weeks that would have taken years if it happened at all. You can be the coach that delivers on a level no one else can.


Meet Your Enlifted Coaches


Mike Bledsoe

As a coach, Mike has watched top athletes to ordinary folks treat their bodies like a battleground and ultimately give up on feeling healthy and fit. It was the same for him training as a weightlifter. For years, Mike drove his body hard. 2-a-day training sessions were the normal. It wasn’t until surgery for 3 hernias that he re-thought his approach. Now health feels natural and training is a joy.

Mark England

As a martial artist, Mark was driven by his need to succeed. It took a severe injury and knee surgery to help him uncover what was driving him to the breaking point. In the recovery process, he found language as a tool to transform his life and has gone on as a language geek to be a TEDx speaker and help thousands of people better their lives with how they think and speak.

Enlifted Sets You Up For Success

The Language of Success

People talk themselves away from success everyday. “I don’t want to hurt myself.” “I wish I wasn’t so weak.” “Why can’t I be as good as my competition.” These are common phrases that point people away from achieving their goals. There is a better way.

Stop Self-Sabotage

Whether for fitness goals or diet, people know the right steps to take, but have trouble sticking with it. Athletes training for competition will even get injuries just before the event. This self-sabotage comes down to the stories driving your behavior. Change the stories and end the sabotage.

Enjoy Getting Fit And Strong

The body gets stronger and more powerful when the mind is on board. Enlifted techniques help you skip years of frustration to get the body and mind working together to build a solid athletic foundation.


"Enlifted is the language coaching every athlete needs to learn. I now feel empowered to help my own training clients become more effective - and kinder - in their own training. If you want to know what REALLY causes long-term health and high performance, this mental shift is it."
–Allison Wojtowecz

What Enlifted Athletes are Saying:


"Enlifted is changing the game with how lifters and coaches relate to themselves. I've always believed in the power of language, and am grateful the Enlifted program provides not only the tools, but the roadmap for how to harness this power in a positive, new, and fun way."

–Mike Salemi

"Mark and Mike take powerful concepts on athlete mindset and teach you how to recognize the negative thoughts getting in your way and give practical tools to overcome them. You'll not only train better but have more fun doing it."

Candice Ludwig

"Enlifted has brought to the surface many things which have stood between myself, my athletes and success. The connection with my athletes has gone to a new level."

Drew Dillon

How much does it cost in time, money, and stress to lose clients because they can’t overcome their blocks?
How much more enjoyable would your business be for you if you get to help your clients get the tools to make the changes in themselves that they haven’t been able to do before.

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