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Mental game
sabotaging your workout?

Every athlete hits a wall. We get bored with our training. Injuries happen out of nowhere. Nutrition is a constant struggle. So we push harder and harder and harder only to end up in the same place: frustrated and confused.
Turns out our mental game is WAY more important than we thought it was.
Physical Fitness is a major component of health and performance...and so is Cognitive Fitness.
How does your Cognitive Fitness measure up?
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Master Your Fitness Journey

You love to work out, you’re a beast. You’ve made massive gains and you’ve honed your body into that of a warrior.
Now it’s time to brave the final frontier - the part of the game that separates the Instagram fads from those who truly embody fitness. It’s time to definitively answer the question: “How do I get there and stay there?

Mind Set in its ways?
Time to Get Cognitively Fit

Life changes. Our bodies change. Our goals change. If we're gonna live in these dynamic meat suits on this dynamic blue ball in space, a “set it and forget it” mindset just ain’t gonna cut it. Cognitive Fitness is about dynamism, it’s about adaptability and capacity over time.
Being Cognitively Fit means having access to a variety of practical tools for a variety of different situations - utilizing each to build a framework for sustained success.

Wanted: Weekend Warriors and Gold Medalists

Whether you’re an elite athlete prepping for the Games or local hero getting ready to crush the weekend, it’s vital to be armed with a fully developed cognitive approach. Injury prevention, increased recovery speed, a constructive way of looking at nutrition, rest, and motivation: these are challenges each and every athlete must address to achieve their results and build on them.

Ok, you got my attention. Now what?

Enlifted’s training programs, nutrition profiling, personal coaching, workshops and live events are designed to give athletes an elite advantage. The first step is to identify where your level of CF is at today. Get started by taking the FREE survey below.


Ready to test your level of cognitive fitness?
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Ready to Test Your Level of Cognitive Fitness? 

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