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Civilize The Mind,
Make Savage The Body

Most people try to dominate their bodies and end up with burnout or injuries.
Stop dominating and start listening to get strong and fit for a lifetime.


Learn The Language of Success | Stop Self-Sabotage |
 Enjoy Getting Fit and Strong

Your Story About Training And Diet Can Improve Your Life

Do you punish yourself in the gym for poor food choices?
Do you start to feel crazy if you miss a few workouts?

When it comes down to it, most people are working out and dieting because they feel guilty. Our culture is conditioned to think of unhealthy food as a reward and healthy food as a chore. We are taught to see training as hard and something you have to force yourself to do.


We Care About Your
Long Term Performance


In the age of Instagram, we all know the unspoken standards of what men and women are supposed to look like and be able to do.

There is a heavy weight on all of us to look and perform like a mix between professional athletes and models. As a result, people use the gym and nutrition as a way to beat their bodies into submission hoping it will get them to be accepted like the people on social media and the magazines in the grocery store.

But punishing yourself into looking fit and healthy won’t last for long and it’s not enjoyable. Enlifted was founded because we punished our bodies to the point of injuries and surgeries. In the aftermath, we found out how we had unknowingly sabotaged our progress and joy.

We will help you build a foundation for lifelong fitness and strength that adds to the enjoyment of life. Learn the way of the Enlifted athlete and get sustainable fitness.

"Enlifted showed me that there was a different way to treat myself...My body and mind are now working together in a healthy fashion. I am appreciative of my life and the people I share it with."
–Grant Thomas

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2. Engage with Each of the 21 Lessons

Each video lesson is short so it fits into your schedule. Watch the video and then thoughtfully complete each exercise. Tackle one lesson per day to let it sink in.

3. Enjoy the Process of Being Sustainably Fit and Strong

Your goals will be more clear and your path to get there will be more enjoyable.


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Meet Your Enlifted Coaches


Mike Bledsoe

As a coach, Mike has watched top athletes to ordinary folks treat their bodies like a battleground and ultimately give up on feeling healthy and fit. It was the same for him training as a weightlifter. For years, Mike drove his body hard. 2-a-day training sessions were the normal. It wasn’t until surgery for 3 hernias that he re-thought his approach. Now health feels natural and training is a joy.

Mark England

As a martial artist, Mark was driven by his need to succeed. It took a severe injury and knee surgery to help him uncover what was driving him to the breaking point. In the recovery process, he found language as a tool to transform his life and has gone on as a language geek to be a TEDx speaker and help thousands of people better their lives with how they think and speak.

Enlifted Sets You Up For Success

The Language of Success

People talk themselves away from success everyday. “I don’t want to hurt myself.” “I wish I wasn’t so weak.” “Why can’t I be as good as my competition.” These are common phrases that point people away from achieving their goals. There is a better way.

Stop Self-Sabotage

Whether for fitness goals or diet, people know the right steps to take, but have trouble sticking with it. Athletes training for competition will even get injuries just before the event. This self-sabotage comes down to the stories driving your behavior. Change the stories and end the sabotage.

Enjoy Getting Fit And Strong

The body gets stronger and more powerful when the mind is on board. Enlifted techniques help you skip years of frustration to get the body and mind working together to build a solid athletic foundation.


Who Is The Way Of The Enlifted Athlete For?


Competitive Athletes

Many athletes cut their careers short because of accumulated injuries. What you eat, how you train, how you recover, who you choose to coach you, and more come down to the story you tell yourself about what is important. Enlifted will help you go further, sustainably.


Maybe your days of real competition are over, but you still work hard in the gym. Enjoying the process will keep you coming back and building on your progress for a lifetime. Real progress is made like compound interest year after year.

Health Enthusiasts

You may not love smashing big weights, but you want all the benefits of movement and healthy eating. The vast majority of people who attempt to make healthy lifestyle changes slip back to their old ways. Make lifelong progress by addressing the stories that guide your behavior.

"Enlifted is the language coaching every athlete needs to learn. I now feel empowered to help my own training clients become more effective - and kinder - in their own training. If you want to know what REALLY causes long-term health and high performance, this mental shift is it."
–Allison Wojtowecz

How much does it cost your quality of life to be fighting your body as though it’s an enemy?
Shift your stories and see what it’s like to live with your body and mind working together.


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