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The Certification that
expands your skillset,
grows your services,
and increases your impact
on your clients lives

Stand apart from the crowd as an Enlifted Certified Coach and become a remarkable, positive force for change.

"Studying Enlifted will give you all the tools you’ll need to crush your training, stay focused and become an elite athlete.”
–Aaron Hinde | Co-Founder + President, LIFEAID

Expand Your Skillset | Make Your Business Resilient | Go Beyond Physical Fitness

Are you afraid of being “just another coach”?
You should be.

Did you know that the average income for an (average) coach is $32k a year?*

In order to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to build a skillset that separates you from the herd of ordinary coaches.

This is our mission at Enlifted: to instill coaches with a set of unique personal development tools that you can use with your clients - both in the gym and online - to create a massive impact in your clients lives beyond the physical.

Better yet, we have designed our Certification so that it transforms you in the exact way it will transform your clients. Prepare to personally experience just how powerful your new coaching tools will be.

*statistics courtesty of TrueCoach

“I’ve been supporting elite athletes for a long time now. And you know what the difference is between being on the podium and looking at people on the podium? Mindset. And you need to understand language if you want to unlock mindset. It’s a must. Studying Enlifted will give you all the tools you’ll need to crush your training, stay focused and become an elite athlete.”
Aaron Hinde | Co-Founder + President, LIFEAID

Instead of “keeping your coaching dream alive”,
cultivate it by becoming an extraordinary coach.


In your 12 week Enlifted Certification Program you will learn to:

    Become a remarkable coach and a vital asset to your clients by learning tools that address core challenges and limitations at a deep level. Become an essential part of your clients’ lives both in the gym and out.
    Know that you are made for this path; feel it deeply. Go from faking it until you make it to a deep comfort in knowing that you belong and can make a difference with your clients.. Learn the tools to communicate confidently and clearly with your clients.
    Equip yourself with the tools that can make major shifts in your clients’ belief systems, both in how they shape their bodies and how they approach their most important life goals. Have the skills to address any challenge both large and small.

How to Get Started


Step 1: Discovery Call

First thing’s first: Schedule Your Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Call.
On this call we’ll get to know you, your current coaching style, your goals, your fears, and what you’d like to improve. You'll also gain a clear understanding of our services, pricing, and expectations for Certified coaches.

Step 2: Certification Process

Once you enroll in the Certification, you’ll join an elite group of 15 like-minded coaches on a 12 week journey divided equally into three Sections:

Weeks 1-4: Introduce and Break

In this section you will introduce yourself, your goals and your fears to the group. You’ll then begin to learn the foundations of the Enlifted material and practice it in real time.
You’ll be challenged to define a disruptive belief or story that’s getting in your way and begin breaking it down.
We’ll collectively define the underlying patterns and dismantle them one by one.

Weeks 5-8: Practice and Build

In this section you’ll implement and practice new techniques and skills with your group. You’ll participate in one-on-one coaching calls with Head Coach Mark England and collectively analyze each call as a group to better understand how the material works in your coaching sessions. You’ll build a skill foundation that sets you up for the final section of the certification program.

Weeks 9-12: Demonstrate

It all builds towards this. In the final four weeks, you will participate and demonstrate your new found Enlifted coaching skills through a process of peer training supervised by Enlifted Certified Coaches. Over the course of four weeks, you’ll conduct one-on-one online coaching sessions individually with other group members. You will demonstrate to Head Coach Mark England, to our Enlifted Team, to your group, and - most importantly - to yourself that you have what it takes to be Certified Enlifted Coach.

Step 3: Enlifted Certification

The end is just the beginning. After your Certification, you’ll stay current and supported by becoming a lifetime member of the Enlifted Coaches Community.
It’s time to integrate your new skills right away and prepare to change lives, differentiate your services, expand your business. You are now extraordinary.


A Repeatable System that Organizes
and Strengthens Your Mind

Positive Attitude is for chumps. While it’s important to be optimistic and upbeat, you’re gonna need more. To consistently execute with your clients you’ll require a system.

You need tools that help your clients seek and destroy their self-sabotage. The best clients for your career are clients that you’ve helped transform from the inside out

The Enlifted Coaches Certification equips you with a versatile system that is both simple to grasp and can take a lifetime to master. You will discover how to identify and transform behavior at the word and thought level to eradicate self sabotage and any underlying victim mentality.

BE PREPARED: This Certification is both personal and professional. You will learn to go deep with both yourself and your clients.
You will laugh, you will cry. You WILL be challenged. Ultimately, you will be transformed into a remarkable coach.


Meet Your Enlifted Coaches


Mark England | Head Coach

As a martial artist, Mark was driven by his need to succeed. It took a severe injury and knee surgery to help him uncover what was driving him to the breaking point. In the recovery process, he found language as a tool to transform his life and has gone on as a language geek to be a TEDx speaker and help thousands of people better their lives with how they think and speak.

Mike Bledsoe | Online Course Co-Host

As a coach, Mike has watched top athletes to ordinary folks treat their bodies like a battleground and ultimately give up on feeling healthy and fit. It was the same for him training as a weightlifter. For years, Mike drove his body hard. 2-a-day training sessions were the normal. It wasn’t until surgery for 3 hernias that he re-thought his approach. Now health feels natural and training is a joy.

Pascale Atallah | Certified Trainer

Pascale discovered the Enlifted method while she was getting ready to compete in the World’s Powerlifting championship and learned to use it to her advantage in competition. After reaching her goal, she realized that somewhere along her training process, her motives had shifted and that she was doing it to prove herself to others. This realization drove her to assess every area of her life, and shift where needed She holds a doctorate in Polymer Science and a masters in overall badassery.

David Robinson | Certified Trainer

With a zealous determination for self improvement, Dave Robinson has been guiding friends and clients along their personal development journeys for well over a decade. A former powerlifter and collegiate strength coach turned elite obstacle course racer, Robinson now works remotely with his clients on optimizing their mindsets, breath, language, and movement so they can live their best lives.

Brandon Powell | Breath Coach

Brandon Powell is a Wim Hof level 3 Instructor and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has led thousands of people through deep internal journeys with his unique combination of drums, voice and breath.

“My business has nearly 3x'd since I started the certification, and more opportunities that are in alignment with my mission are coming forward. To develop online programs with elements of the Enlifted language build in, it really is super cool to see things evolving in this way.”
-Mike Salemi

What Enlifted Coaches are Saying:


“The month I finished the program, my sales increased 4k. This program played a large part in that. I learned new skills that I can apply to both my clients and myself to facilitate growth and get better results.”

 -Levi Deike

"Going through this certification has been a game changer for me and my clients. Within the last couple of weeks I’m hearing from my clients 'You’re so much more than a nutrition coach' and 'You’ve changed my life', all from using the methods I’ve learned from this the Enlifted Certification."

-Arik McGathey

“As an Enlifted Level 1 Certified Coach I have the tools to impact lives beyond the walls of my gym. My transformational coaching practice is having huge impacts on my clients by removing mental obstacles, allowing them to design lives of passion.”

-Caron Adderly

Join our Growing Community of Enlifted Coaches.

World Class coaches simply don’t appear. They don’t “keep their dreams alive”, they actively cultivate them.
Stop worrying that you’re not good enough. Stop worrying that you don’t have what it takes. Stop striving for average.
Take the initiative, arm yourself with the skills to become an essential coach, and begin to transform your career and your clients’ lives today.


Get Ready to be Enlifted

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